Subway Surfers Game

Download or play subway surfers games online, choosing the original version or a tour of the world! This exciting game takes you along with Jake, Tricky and the rest of the crew on an 3D adventure through the metro railways ono an endless run down the tracks to escape the Inspector and his dog. Don't be captured for tagging the railway walls!

As you run away, collect gold coins, but don't get hit by a train car! Dodge hurdles that get in your way! Run through this endless game world and collect the coins and other rewards. Great rewards help you avoid obstacles and stay away from the Inspector! Collect jet packs to fly over obstacles, super sneakers to have you run even faster, coin magnets to collect as many as possible,and score multipliers to beat your friend's score! And everyone always wants to use a hover board, and if you can find it, Jake can ride it away from the Inspector!Now that is a dream come true! The running never stops, as Jake has all the stamina in the world and can keep running as long as you can. The only thing to stop him is stumbling or being caught by the Inspector and his dog.

There is no need to get tired of your scenery either. Subway Surfers has gone on a World Tour! Play in cities around the world from Rome to Paris, New Orleans to Beijing. But wherever you go, the Inspector will follow you!

Subway Surfers is easy to play, merely swipe left and right to switch lanes, up to jump, and down to tuck and roll out of the way of on-coming train cars. Double tap to activate you jet pack and fly away! In addition to just running as far as you can away from the Inspector, the game includes special missions while playing to earn extra coins or rewards. There are also daily challenges, so there is always something new when you log on to play!

Everyone loves playing this app! Available on android or iOS, this lighthearted game is free, and has in app purchases available, but they are not necessary and the game can be fully enjoyed for free. Try to beat your friend's high score while playing online and keep running as long as you can. This game will have you addicted and ready to play more! Fun and entertaining, this is the best endless runner app out there right now. A game everyone loves, and this one will give you hours of play time fun!